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There is a growing need for businesses to take a more active role in addressing societal issues. Stakeholders expect those they do business with to make progress with respect to social impact, sustainability, carbon footprint, etc. These expectations extend beyond your own organizations to include their vendors and suppliers.

What the legal industry can (and should) do about social impact & sustainability

Expert Roundtable discussion with Adam Roy Gordon, SDG Advocate and Engagement Director for the United Nations Global Compact's U.S. Network, Carol Kazmer Liffman, Founder and Principal, Liffman Advisory, Arnaud Brohe, CEO CO2logic Inc., Author of The Handbook of Carbon Accounting, moderated by Pamela Cone, Founder and CEO, Amity Advisory.

What clients want law firms to do about social impact and sustainability

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable discussion with Kelly Hotchkiss (Swiss Re) and Tom Harvey (Lloyds Banking Group). Moderated by Pamela Cone (Amity Advisory).

Get Inspired by Industry Leaders in sustainability and social impact:

Each of us has the power to affect change when engaging outside legal counsel. In this video, Pamela Cone (Amity Advisory) explains how to assess your outside legal counsel to encourage greater progress toward solving societal challenges. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Pamela Cone (Amity Advisory) asks Timothy Wilkins and Oliver Dudok van Heel (both Freshfields) what law firms can do to improve their sustainability efforts and social impact:

Pamela Cone (Amity Advisory) asks Nathan Darling (Beveridge & Diamond) how his firm embraces sustainability and what they do to have the most social impact:

Pam Cone (Amity Advisory) asks Gayatri Joshi (Law Firm Sustainability Network) about the association's work with law firms and the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS) assessment: