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New York Conference: 2023 Program

Tuesday, October 24



Jason Winmill


Buying Legal Council


9:00 AM: Berning Questions: Critical Topics in an Uncertain Age

Bernardine Lai

Director, Outside Counsel Relationships

U.S. Bank

Bernardine Lai heads outside counsel relationships for U.S. Bank and is the Law Division’s DEI Champion. She leads initiatives to deepen and broaden U.S. Bank’s relationships with law firms in a meaningful and sustainable way that is consistent with U.S. Bank’s values and strategic and business goals.

Bernardine grew up in Australia, is an immigrant three times over, and started her career as a telecommunications transactions lawyer in big law in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, including working for Vodafone in Tokyo and Deutsche Telekom/Siemens in Beijing.

BLOCK 1: Managing Inflation in Legal Services

9:30 AM: Exploring Emerging Trends in Rate Negotiations

Jean Yang

Vice President, AI Center of Excellence


Chris Bennett

Senior Enterprise Account Manager


In the rapidly evolving landscape of law firm management, rate negotiations, and legal procurement, staying ahead requires a deep understanding of data-driven strategies and the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. Join Jean Yang, VP of Onit's AI Center of Excellence, and Chris Bennett, Senior Enterprise Account Manager, to: 

  • Explore the latest trends and patterns in rates
  • Share lessons learned from real-life rate negotiations
  • Discuss AI's impact on rate negotiations and legal procurement

10:00 AM: Building Your Dream Team: Transform OCM and Reduce Spend with the Right Mix of AI and Trusted Data Expertise

Thomas Barothy

Former Group Legal COO


Andie Lam

Director, Global Category Manager, Legal


Dan Reed

Chairman & Founder


Katie Bosley

Director, Enterprise Solutions


Join senior stakeholders and gain valuable perspectives on what it takes to build and implement a modern outside counsel management program:

  • Determine where to invest.
  • Consider how to create capacity and bandwidth with tech already in your toolbox.
  • Build a business case by quantifying savings and the impact of process improvements.

10:30 AM: Expert Q&A

Jessica Williams

Director of Legal Team Strategy & Operations


10:45 AM: Networking Break

BLOCK 2: The Legal Services Market: Players, Changes, and Trends

11:15 AM: The Strategic Pause: Threading the Needle in Leaping vs. Looking on AI

Jess Block

Executive Vice President, Market Solutions


Chris Brancheau

Vice President, Client Engagement


Explore the delicate balance between swift adoption and careful consideration of AI technologies in the legal landscape. Discover how to harness the transformative power of AI, while also deliberately assessing risks and making informed decisions. Gain practical insights on navigating this complex terrain, empowering legal teams and their partners in legal operations and legal procurement to lead with confidence in the age of AI.

Learn more about Factor here.

11:45 AM: Power Tools and Partnership: Crafting a Winning Strategy

Joey Litman

General Counsel


Jonathan Greenblatt

Vice President of Legal


At the beginning of a partnership, it is vital to establish alignment among legal, procurement, and operations functions. This alignment lays the foundation for a smooth and efficient workflow. By leveraging their unique strengths, teams can collaboratively make optimal decisions. However, the true strength of a partnership lies in the tools available to them.

Join us for an engaging fireside chat as we delve into the art of aligning legal, procurement, and operations functions. Explore the essential power tools required to create a streamlined intake and task management workflow, enabling more efficient management of legal and procurement tasks.

12:15 PM: Expert Q&A

Karen Helten

Outside Counsel Senior Manager


Andy Krebs

Senior Director, Head of Legal Operations


12:30 PM: Lunch


1:30 PM: Creating an Authentic and Sustainable Culture of DEI

Adrienne Fox

Director, Global Procurement - Legal Services


Milly Parekh

Senior Manager, Litigation Operations

Johnson & Johnson

Nexus Sea


O'Melveny & Myers

Zane Riester

Senior Counsel

Johnson & Johnson

Mary Ellen Connerty

Director of Diversity & Engagement

O'Melveny & Myers


Join us as we delve into our 2023 update on diversity, equity, and inclusion in legal sourcing. Explore how organizations are working to advance a more inclusive legal industry, and learn about the key trends, challenges, and opportunities impacting DEI initiatives.

2:15 PM: Expert Q&A

Paul Lewis

Director, Global Category Lead

Johnson & Johnson

Andie Lam

Director, Global Category Manager, Legal


2:30 PM: Networking Break

BLOCK 4: The Legal Tech Boom

2:45 PM: Beating Contract Chaos

Lauren Brasch

Senior Manager, Global Legal Operations


Alec Guettel

Co-Founder of Knowable and Axiom Law


Management of contracts has been a systematic failure across large enterprises. Why has it been so hard? What effective solutions are finally starting to emerge? A few companies getting real traction against contract chaos tell their stories.

3:15 PM: Understand to Unleash AI

Olga V. Mack

Vice President & CEO, CounselLink CLM


Join a forward-thinking discussion on the use of generative AI by legal teams, exploring potential use cases and emerging risks.

3:45 PM: Expert Q&A

Matt Rossman

Manager, Shared Services Sourcing

Valley National Bank

BLOCK 5: Building the Modern Legal Department

4:00 PM: Legal Department Leadership: Taking the Reins

Andy Krebs

Senior Director, Head of Legal Operations


This panel is designed for legal professionals seeking to step into leadership roles and make a significant impact. Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and leadership strategies from seasoned legal leaders.

4:30 PM: Legal Department Transformation: Latest Best Practices from the Field

Robin Snasdell

Senior Managing Director


Joshua Martin



Discover cutting-edge approaches, gleaned from real-world experiences, that are reshaping legal departments today. Explore the forefront of industry innovation and gain valuable insights into how to implement best practices that drive meaningful change in your legal department.

5:00-6:30 PM: Cocktail Reception

Wednesday, October 25



Jason Winmill


Buying Legal Council

Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein

CEO Emerita

Buying Legal Council

9:00 AM: AI Safety 101: Promises and Perils of Generative AI

Steven Kelts

Princeton University

  • What key factors should buyers of legal technology consider when evaluating AI tools?
  • What are the major risks and benefits of AI to legal departments now, and how are they expected to evolve with time?
  • How can AI be used in legal data analysis, and what must be done to ensure that the quality of its analysis remains high?
  • What are the limits of the language capabilities of AI tools, and to what degree can they be used in legal?

9:30 AM: The Biggest Pitfalls in RFPs and Pricing: Tales from the Other Side

Michelle Murray

Law Firm Advisor

The Murray Group

Keri Cupples

Global Director of Strategic Initiatives and Pricing


Gain unique perspectives as we unravel common challenges and missteps encountered in the world of Request for Proposals (RFPs) and pricing strategies. Learn from seasoned professionals' stories and insights to navigate these pitfalls successfully. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your RFP and pricing strategies with real-world wisdom.

10:00 AM: Expert Q&A

Adrienne Fox

Director, Global Procurement - Legal Services


10:15 AM: Networking Break

10:30 AM: Implementation Bootcamp: From Idea to Action

Billy Gorman

Director of Programming

Buying Legal Council

This session is your gateway to turning ideas into actionable plans. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to successfully execute your vision. Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your implementation skills and drive real-world impact.

11:30 AM:  The 2023 Legal Procurement Awards