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The Buying Legal® Council is the international trade organization for professionals tasked with sourcing legal services and managing supplier relationships. Founded in September 2014, the Buying Legal® Council counts most of the leading organizations around the world as our Members. The range from pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance, retailers, consumer goods, electronics and sportswear to public entities. We support our Members through advocacy, networking, education, research, and information. Members benefit from practical, professional training, access to in-depth and actionable resources and best practices, and connecting with your peers.

Our Friends are leading law firms, legal service providers, software companies, consultancies, and other stakeholders in the legal industry – any organization whose clients involve procurement when sourcing legal, alternative and ancillary services. We help establish a dialogue between buyers and sellers, build relationships and increase understanding about each other’s needs, wants, and expectations.

As a membership organization, our mission is to advance the field of how legal services are bought. We aim to enhance the value and performance of those buying legal services and their organizations, share intelligence on sourcing legal services and managing supplier relationships, as well as document and promote best practices.
We identify and provide solutions to both strategic and operational challenges our members face and prepare them for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges. The Buying Legal® Council facilitates an innovative dialogue between buyers and sellers of legal services, as well as other stakeholders in the legal market.